Mental Illness and Crime by Robert A. Schug

Mental Illness and Crime

Book Title: Mental Illness and Crime

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc

ISBN: 1412987075

Author: Robert A. Schug

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Robert A. Schug with Mental Illness and Crime

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Mental Illness and Crime comprehensively synthesizes and critically examines what is currently known about the relationship of mental illness and individual psychiatric disorders, in particular with criminal, violent, and other forms of antisocial behavior. The book integrates scholarship from psychology, psychiatry, clinical neuroscience, criminology, and law when presenting explanations for and etiologies of mental illness–related criminal and violent behaviors. Moreover, the book provides the reader with a diagnostic understanding of mental disorders across various classification systems, including the current DSM-5 and ICD-10. In addition, Robert  A. Schug and Henry F. Fradella critically examine what is known about the treatment and social implications of this body of research, including its practical applications within the criminal justice system. Unique to the field, this text will contribute to a better understanding of criminality and violence and move society toward a greater acceptance of individuals with these illnesses.